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Sochi landmarks

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Sochi landmarks

Sochi is a resort town in the Krasnodar Territory of the North Caucasus. One of the largest Russian cities, Sochi extends along the Black Sea coast for 145 km. It is home to an abundance of historical, cultural and natural landmarks. The Greater Sochi area is divided into four parts, the Adler, Khosta, Central and Lazarevskoye districts. Each one has places of interest for tourists.

The Sochi Arts Museum is one of the centers of the city’s cultural life. It is home to many masterpieces by Russian artists throughout the ages.

Arboretum Park in the Khosta District, one of the main Sochi landmarks, features over 1,800 plant varieties from across the globe.

Riviera Park, founded in 1898, is a favorite walking area for residents and visitors. Its paths are lined with sculptures by local artists. There is also a well room with mineral water.

Orlinyye Rocks (Eagle Rocks) is another remarkable sight. According to legend, Orlinyye Rocks is where Prometheus, a Greek mythology culture hero, was chained as punishment for giving humans the gift of fire. A sculpture of the Greek mythological figure is now located on the observation deck. The beautiful Sochi skyline can also be viewed from Matsesta Bridge, Mount Bolshoi Akhun with ruins of a 5th century observation tower, and the observation tower on Mount Batareika in the Central District.

The city’s architectural landmarks include the passenger ship terminal, the railway station, Joseph Stalin’s country home and the lighthouse. The passenger ship terminal with its distinctive elegant spire was built in 1955 based on Karo Alabyan’s design. The building stands 71 meters tall, with a star gracing the top of the spire. The terminal is surrounded by sculptures symbolizing the seasons and the four cardinal directions. The railway station, located in the city center, was built in 1952. The building is elaborately designed, with a tower and three atriums adorned with sculptures and fountains.



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